(X)HTML & HTML5 Validator Tool

Now with "Live View" built in! Our (X)HTML Validator™ was the first SEO inspired HTML/XHTML validation and correction tool on the Internet. We are also the first to bring you a real-time Live View along side your automatic (X)HTML corrections!

The (X)HTML Validator and Correction Tool will make every attempt possible to "automatically correct" all errors it finds with your Web page's HTML source code. After the validator makes the necessary corrections, you can then use the Live View feature to instantly view the Web page with all corrections made!

Fact: Having valid HTML helps search engines and browsers better understand what your Web page is about. With valid HTML your Web pages will load faster too!

(X)HTML and HTML5 Validation

Once your Web pages pass both the Web Page Analyzer and the (X)HTML Validator™tools, your Web pages are search engine friendly and people friendly.

The Best SEO Tools on the Internet!

(X)HTML Validator™ Tool - Main Features

W3C HTML/XHTML Standards

- The (X)HTML Validator™ will make every attempt possible to comply with current W3C HTML and XHTML standards.

Direct HTML Input

- Now with "Live View". This real-time Live View feature makes it possible to validate, correct and view Web pages before they are published! This is a must have feature for Website developers and search engine optimization services.

Automatic SEO Optimization

- Automatically suggests and correctly installs missing HTML doctype declaration, title or Meta Tags into your HTML/XHTML source code for you!

Custom Reports

- You can customize the report from the (X)HTML Validator™ Tool, which can be printed or exported as PDF, with our unique branding feature designed for our premium members who provide SEO and Website building services.
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