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The <title> Tag Analyzer is a sub-section of the Web Page Analyzer.

The <title> tag, also referred to as the <title> element, defines the title of a web page and is required in all HTML/XHTML documents. A properly optimized web page <title> can easily increase your search engine traffic exponentially.

The Title Tag Element:

Below is an example of a non-optmized <title>.

HTML <title> Tag Example:

<title>Web Page Title</title>
<meta name="description" content="Web page description">
<meta name="keywords" content="Web page keywords">

The viewable content of the web page......


The words 'Web Page Title' are the words search engines will use in their search results when properly used. You do not need to learn HTML to optimize your web page title.

How to Optimize your Title for Top Rankings

In order to fully optimize your web page title, you need to begin with a real-time keyword discovery tool so you can learn what keywords your customers are actually searching for at this very moment. You do not want to rely on old data when working on SEO. What you need is real-time information. Once you have compliled and researched your list of keywords, you then need to arrange them throughout your web page in a way that will influence search engines to boost your rankings in their search results. Those who do this the best are the ones you see at the top search results.

You can search the web and take a chance, or you can use a suite of SEO tools that only a veteran search engine like Scrub The Web can provide. Our advanced SEO tools are designed by in-house search engine developers that work together to help you quickly find the best title for your web pages.

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<title> Tag Analysis - Main Features Premium
* Free

Title Tag Validation

- The Title Tag Analyzer will validate the HTML/XHTML syntax for proper usage, and detection of invalid and duplicate Title tags. Premium members also receive complete details of any errors found along with instructions on how to correct those errors.
Included Included

Title Tag Character Length

- Knowing the total number of characters in your Title tag is important. Having your web page Title cut off in search results could render it meaningless.
Included Included

Title Tag Recommendations

- SEO recommendations for optimizing your Title tag for maximum search engine visibility and ranking.
Included (limited)

Title Tag Keyword Search Results

- Accurate search engine keyword count, keyword densities and keywords highlighting of your targeted keywords.

Title Tag Search Term Character Density

- A ScrubTheWeb™ proprietary report providing you with added dimension and insight into keyword density analysis that are missed by others.

SEO Help

- UNLIMITED on-line search engine optimization support. Ask an expert to have a look at your web page. It's amazing what you will learn.
 * The above is a quick comparison between our free Meta Tag Analyzer and our more advanced Web Page Analyzer. The Web Page Analyzer provides a full and complete SEO web page analysis.

Important Search Engine Facts:

The <title> tag may be the most important element of a web page and has a high search engine ranking value when properly optimized. You can boost your rankings in all search engines when your <title> is synchronized with other elements of a web page. Failure to properly optimize your <title> tag will likely result in your web page being buried in search results.

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