Keywords Research Tool

Why pay $60 or more a month for a keywords generator tool that tells you what keywords Google advertisers are purchasing? Our in-house Keywords Research Tool makes it easy for you to discover "organic keywords" that your customers are actually using when looking for you in search engines.

Real-Time Keyword Discovery

Our real-time organic Keywords Research Tool helps you discover what keywords you should be targeting so you can attract more qualified visitors. Attracting consumers using their own search terms makes more sense than using keywords from an old database of advertiser keywords.

The Keywords Research Tool does not require any technical knowledge what-so-ever. All that is required from you is a simple keyword or phrase to get the tool started. Once started, the Keywords Research Tool will quickly help you build a highly targeted keywords list that people are actually searching for when looking for your products and services.

The Best SEO Tools on the Internet!

Keywords Research Tool - Main Features

Niche Keywords

- Instantly discover clusters of niche keywords for your business you may never have thought of.

Organic Keyword Research

- Conduct organic keyword research using our drill-down feature for discovering long-tail and niche keywords for the highest click-thru conversions.

Long-tail Keyword Discovery

- Conduct long-tail keyword discovery. Long-tail searches often exhibit a higher conversion rate by up to 200% compared to short-tail (generic) keywords.

Export Keywords

- Automatically organize large keyword sets which can be exported for use with spreadsheets & Pay-Per-Click advertising programs such as Google's AdWords.

Unlimited Keywords Research

- Generate unlimited lists of relevant keywords to help improve your organic rankings and PPC search campaigns.

Find the Best Keywords for your Website

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