Keyword Density Manipulizer™

The Keyword Density Manipulizer™ Tool allows you to manipulate your keywords for maximum search engine visiblity. All you do is drag-and-drop your keywords so they rank higher!

Drag-and-Drop Technology

If you can drag-and-drop, you can optimize your keywords! Your search engine visibility and rankings can suffer greatly if your keyword density is too high or too low for your target keywords. Getting the right keyword density mix is crucial to your success. With our simple to use Keyword Density Manipulizer™ Tool, anyone can optimize their keywords!

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Keyword Density Manipulizer™ Tool - Main Features

Keyword Density Manipulizer™

- Our exclusive drag-and-drop Keyword Density Manipulizer™ allows you to make changes to your web page keywords and get instant results. Keyword optimization has never been easier!


- You can "drag" unimportant keywords from your web page and "drop" them in the trash and receive instant keyword density results!

Keyword Focus

- Take any keyword from your web page and "drag" it to the top of your keywords list to instanly show search engines what keywords are most important for you.

Keyword Density Changes

- Manually change the quantity of any keyword found on your web page and receive instant keyword density calculations for your entire web page.

NO HTML Knowledge Needed

- NO HTML editing or technical knowledge required to use this tool! Just drag-and-drop your keywords for success. Every website owner can use this tool!

Custom Reports

- You can produce custom reports from the Keyword Density Manipulizer, which can be printed or exported as PDF, with our unique branding feature designed for our premium members who provide SEO and website building services.

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Important Search Engine Facts:

A high keyword density does NOT mean a top ranking. In fact, web pages with a keyword density that is too high will almost always trigger a "keyword stuffing" algorithm penalty of some kind. A keyword density that is too low can show a lack of "keyword focus", which can result in lower search rankings as well. Getting the right keyword density mix for the keywords you want is easy with our Keyword Density Manipulizer™.

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